[Vocal Analysis] Sistar’s Hyolyn

Vocal Range: C3 – G6
Vocal Tessitura: G3 – F5
Voice Type: Light Lyric Soprano


  • Maintains good tonality up until E5 and a stable larynx up until F5.
  • Voice is never nasal; full and round sound is produced all the time in tessitura.
  • One of the best lower registers of all female KPOP idols.
  • Great pitch accuracy and almost never goes flat.
  • Has very good sense of control and breath support.
  • Has occasionally produced a connected head voice.
  • Shown some potential in musicianship skills in one performance.
  • Has been continuously improving rapidly.


  • Notes below G3 are badly supported.
  • Still lacks conistency on F♯5s and above.
  • Upper extension of voice is weak and airy falsetto is mostly used.
  • Raspy texture to her voice due to nodules and tired vocal chords.
  • Has still shown a lack of musicianship.

Lower Register: Unsupported below G3, but very good above that.
Middle Register: Good; stable larynx, tonality and resonance up to F5 and occasionally F♯5.
Upper Extension: Uses weak, airy falsetto almost all the time, but has produced head voice before.

Resonance: Achieves resonance often up to F5 and occasionally F♯5.
Consistency: Consistent
Musicianship: Shown minimal dynamics and interpretation skills, but has shown some potential in one performance of ‘Ma Boy’. She has yet to replicate this however.

Overall Ranking: Good [?]
Final Comments: Hyolyn is a very strong vocalist and is undoubtedly currently one of the best female idol vocalists. Over the years, Hyolyn has shown a big improvement; at debut she was an okay/decent vocalist, straining past C♯5 and only occasionally achieving resonance. However, after joining the show, Immortal Song 2, she has shown massive improvement with consistency, pitch and managing to expand her tessitura from C♯5 to F5 and soon F♯5. She has managed to surpass the likes of A Pink’s Eunji, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and f(x)’s Luna, all of which are decent vocalists. If she continues to improve at this rate, we could be seeing her easily reaching Ailee’s level.


6 thoughts on “[Vocal Analysis] Sistar’s Hyolyn

  1. Hello, I have a question… Am I allowed to help at all? I just see minor things I’d wanna…change, like ranges and tessituras, that’s about it, everything else looks fine, just that part. I’m just wondering anyway lol You guys do a great job anyway!

    • Sorry I couldn’t back to you earlier, but yes! You could definitely help us out (you probably know more than me (Katy) lol). Feel free to point out things that aren’t right (and you could even help us write a few analysis if you wanted). 😛

      • awww thank you very much! no problem, I understand you must have been busy! How do I point things out? Do I just write it in the comments or..? (like oh Hyorin’s highest note is G#6, or D.O.’s is G#5, Sooyoung’s is B5, Bom’s range is Eb3 ~ F5..like this?) In anyway you’d like me to help, feel free to ask me ^ ^

  2. Question: Aside from Immortal Song, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I’ve noticed a huge improvement in her singing towards the end of 2013 (i.e., her vocals became more crisp sounding and a lot fuller). Would you say this is true?

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