[Vocal Analysis] Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Vocal Range: D3 – C6
Vocal Tessitura: B♭3 – C♯5
Voice Type: Light Lyric Soprano


  • Maintains good tonality and a stable larynx up to C♯5.
  • Achieves resonance from B4 up to C♯5 and occasionally up to E♭5.
  • Full and round sound is produced all the time from E4 up to C♯5.
  • Always sings with a lifted soft palate, is almost never nasal.
  • Has a decent sense of control and breath support.
  • Has occasionally produced a connected head voice.
  • Has produced some of the best C5s in KPOP.


  • Notes below B♭3 are not well supported.
  • Still inconsistent despite improvement.
  • Still loses tonality on notes above C♯5.
  • Falsetto is mostly used rather than head voice.
  • Has some issues with her intonation and inaccurate at times.
  • Vibrato is unhealthy sometimes.
  • Sometimes has problems with sustaining notes properly.
  • Has shown a lack of musicianship skills.

Lower Register: Practically non-existent and just pure air.
Middle Register:  Stable larynx, tonality and resonance up to C♯5 and rarely up to E♭5.
Upper Extension: Has produced head voice before, but mostly uses falsetto.

Resonance: Achieves resonance sometimes from B4 up to C♯5 and occasionally up to E♭5.
Consistency: Inconsistent
Musicianship: Has shown minimal dynamics and interpretation skills.

Overall Ranking: Decent [?]
Final Comments: Taeyeon is one of Girls’ Generation’s main vocalists and rightfully so, as she is their strongest vocalist. She has made some improvements since debut including her consistency in her comfort zone and vocal tract position. Although her skills have depreciated slightly recently, Taeyeon still makes a solid decent vocalist.


2 thoughts on “[Vocal Analysis] Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

  1. Hi, just wondering, what’s an “unhealthy” vibrato? Is she pulsing her diaphragm to create a fake vibrato?

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