[Vocal Analysis] JYJ’s Xia Junsu

Vocal Range: B♭2 – D6
Vocal Tessitura: Not yet determined, up to C5.
Voice Type: Lyric Tenor


  • Has shown good support within his comfort zone.
  • Occasionally achieves resonance within his comfort zone.
  • Produces decent vibrato.
  • Is mostly consistent within his comfort zone.


  • Breathing co-ordination still needs improvement.
  • Poor placement outside comfort zone, leading to nasality.
  • Strains constantly outside his comfort zone.
  • Uses closed throat technique causing improper support.

Resonance: Achieves resonance occasionally in comfort zone.
Consistency: Somewhat consistent up to C5.
Musicianship: Shown little to no musicianship skills.

Overall Ranking: Decent [?]
Final Comments: Junsu is undoubtedly the strongest vocalist in JYJ and was the strongest vocalist in the original line-up of TVXQ. Junsu’s vocal prowess has depreciated though, and his voice has gotten deeper. His voice at times is nasal and throaty, however, he is probably at around the same level as Super Junior’s Yesung.


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