[Vocal Analysis] Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

Vocal Range: E3 – A5
Vocal Tessitura: Not yet determined
Voice Type: Light Lyric Soprano


  • Has shown some improvement in her stability.
  • Has managed to sustain a few notes, with only slight tension.
  • Has produced head voice.


  • Poor breathing co-ordination.
  • Mostly lacks decent support, leading to a shaky voice.
  • Serious intonation problems.
  • Very poor placement, leading to nasality.

Resonance: None
Consistency: Very inconsistent
Musicianship: Has shown no musicianship skills.

Overall Ranking: Below Average [?]
Final Comments: Sooyoung is the next best vocalist in Girls’ Generation after the vocal line and she has definitely shown some improvement since debut. The gap between Sooyoung’s and Yuri’s vocal prowess is quite small though, and Sooyoung really needs to work on her pitch if she wants to continue to improve. However, if she does continue to progress at the rate she’s going at, we could see her reaching Soyu’s level in the future.


[Vocal Analysis] A Pink’s Eunji

Vocal Range: C♯3 – B♭5
Vocal Tessitura: G3 – F5
Voice Type: Light Lyric Soprano


  • Maintains good tonality up until E5 and a stable larynx up until F5.
  • Sings with a lifted palate all the time, so voice is never nasal.
  • Uses open-throat technique almost all the time in her tessitura.
  • Lower register is not completely air unlike other KPOP vocalists.
  • Almost effortlessly able to belt using her upper chest.


  • Notes below G3 are badly supported.
  • Notes above an F♯5 are pinched.
  • Upper extension of voice is almost completely non-existent.
  • Sometimes has intonation issues when sustaining notes.
  • Has shown very little musicianship.

Lower Register: Not completely air, but still underdeveloped.
Middle Register: Very well-trained and solid middle register up to F5.
Upper Extension: Rarely used and almost completely non-existent.

Resonance: Achieves resonance sometimes up to F5.
Consistency: Consistent
Musicianship: Shown some dynamics, but still minimal interpretation skills.

Overall Ranking: Decent [?]
Final Comments: Eunji’s a surprisingly strong and solid vocalist, and is the only member in A Pink with decent technique. Her vocal prowess is not too far from SISTAR’s Hyorin and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and around the same level as f(x)’s Luna, with Eunji being the most consistent of the four, but also having the weakest upper register as well. Eunji’s vocals are also lacking in freedom which leads her to lose tonality at times. Nevertheless, Eunji is still young and has shown definite potential to improve and hone her skills in the future.