[Vocal Analysis] Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany

Information updated as of April 13, 2014
Vocal Range: C♯3 – B♭5
Vocal Tessitura: G♯3 – B♭4
Voice Type: Light Lyric Soprano


  • Maintains a relaxed throat up to B♭4 and occasionally B4.
  • Has shown improvements in her voice between D3 and C5.
  • Has produced some supported C5s and C♯5s plus one open throat D5.
  • Has also shown improvements in her stability.
  • Has played with the pitch, showing potential musicianship.
  • Has been continuously improving rapidly.


  • Poor breath co-ordination at times.
  • Voice can be shaky sometimes.
  • Sings with a nasally tone almost all the time.
  • Pushes too much in order to hit high notes.
  • Inconsistent with her intonation despite improvements.

Lower Register: Non-existent, just pure air.
Middle Register: Undeveloped, but can maintain a relaxed throat up to B♭4.
Upper Extension: Voice is extremely tense and uses falsetto all the time.

Resonance: Achieves resonance on occasion.
Consistency: Inconsistent
Musicianship: Has shown some potential with musicianship, and the issues with her intonation have become less of a hinderance as she improves.

Overall Ranking: Average (1st Tier) [?]
Final Comments: Sunny and Tiffany formerly made up the weaker end of the Girls’ Generation vocal line, however Tiffany has recently shown a lot of improvement with her technique to the point where she has been outperforming Seohyun in recent performances. However, Tiffany still needs to work on her consistency and control if she wants to surpass of Taeyeon or even Jessica. Also unlike Taeyeon or Jessica, Tiffany isn’t as smart of a vocalist meaning she tends to sing songs that are outside her comfort zone. Still, at the rate she’s currently improving, Tiffany shows definite promise.


9 thoughts on “[Vocal Analysis] Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany

    • Hi AhMin! We’re actually just two lurkers that like to visit the vocals thread on OH and we’re music students at uni. Actually, I noticed that you’re rarely on the vocals thread anymore. Did you have a fall out with some of the other users or something?

      • Ah really? Do I happen to know you guys? you guys did a pretty nice job with this blog actually! It’s pretty clean, easy to navigate and organized! lol And pretty! And yes I did have a fall out with them, so I decided to leave and not cause trouble…plus Im busy. You’re students of music at uni? If it’s singing, u might know more than u think lol

    • We’re unregistered on OH. We’ve contemplated creating accounts and joining in the discussion, but we figured that we’re much too busy so we created this instead since we noticed that on thread you’re just bombarded with questions. And thank you, I’m glad you really like the look of the blog! 😀

      I (Katy) am studying music theory and composition, whereas the other admin (Darius) is doing a joint honors music and philosophy degree. He’s got a vocal coach and he knows more about vocals than me. I still know my fair share, but I’m mostly in charge of typing up what he says. 😛

      • woooo u guys r so cool!! U guys must be in Europe due to the time zone, right? But I understand, so since you’re unregistered members I assume we never even talked on youtube or anything like that? Yeah I kinda left cuz I was busy and there was too much stress coming from it due to drama as well, so I was like bam, don’t need me? Cool, then I’m out.

        Oh! I bet you must be much better at music theory than I am, since I only know contemporary theory, I cant beat ya lol Vocal coach, mhmm mhmm, someday that’ll be me. lol

  1. Hey there ^.^ This is actually a pretty decent blog you have here, I really likes it’s format and your word choices. But just a little update for Tiffany, she has actually produced some supported C5/C#5, and she also has a Open Throat D5 in Mr.Mr. Also, her pitch has improved significantly compared to well, y’know lol.

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