[Vocal Analysis] Girls’ Generation’s Sunny

Vocal Range: E3 – G6
Vocal Tessitura: C4 – C5
Voice Type: Light Lyric Soprano


  • Decent middle register up to C5, and one C♯5.
  • More developed head voice than many other female idols.
  • Can occasionally produce a non-nasal sound with a lifted soft palate.


  • Has no lower register to her voice, whatsoever.
  • Has an inability to sustain notes properly.
  • Soft palate not always lifted in her comfort zone.
  • Poor breathing co-ordination.
  • Voice is oftentimes unstable plus weak vibrato as well.
  • Serious issues with her intonation.

Lower Register: Non-existent, just pure air.
Middle Register: Voice is decently supported and stable up to C5.
Upper Extension: Somewhat developed, although still disconnected at times. Often just uses falsetto.

Resonance: Has achieved resonance once.
Consistency: Inconsistent
Musicianship: Shown very little interpretation skills or dynamics.

Overall Ranking: Average (3rd Tier) [?]
Final Comments: Sunny and Tiffany make up the weaker end of the Girls’ Generation vocal line, although Tiffany is slightly better than Tiffany — slightly. Unlike Tiffany, Sunny hasn’t really shown very much improvement since debut, however she does have a nice head voice (which is fact better than most female idols) and is less nasal than Tiffany. Let’s hope that she actually starts to work on her voice more.


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