[Vocal Analysis] EXO’s D.O

Vocal Range: F2 – G♯5
Vocal Tessitura: Not yet determined, mid 3rd octave to low-mid 4th octave.
Voice Type: Lyric Tenor


  • Has shown good support within his comfort zone.
  • Can produce healthy sustained notes sometimes.
  • Managed to achieve optimal resonance once.
  • Shown potential musicianship and has played with dynamics.


  • Lower register to his voice is still underdeveloped.
  • Middle and upper register are almost completely non-existent.
  • Tends to strain sometimes on belted notes.
  • Poor placement a lot of the time, leading to nasality.
  • Issues with intonation which leads to out of tune singing.
  • Almost no support outside his comfort zone.

Lower Register: Underdeveloped, but can maintain good support within comfort zone.
Middle Register: Non-existent.
Upper Extension: Rarely used and practically non-existent.

Resonance: Achieved optimal resonance at least twice.
Consistency: Undetermined due to lack of material; probably inconsistent.
Musicianship: Shown some potential in interpretation skills and has played with dynamics.

Overall Ranking: Okay (2rd Tier) [?]
Final Comments: It’s still quite difficult to pin up where D.O stands as a vocalist as well as the other members of EXO. However, as of now I think it’s safe to say that D.O is probably EXO-K’s strongest vocalist seeing as he has shown to be capable of achieving resonance unlike Baekhyun. Chen is undoubtedly a better vocalist as of now, but the tables could turn.


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