[Vocal Analysis] Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

Vocal Range: E3 – A5
Vocal Tessitura: Not yet determined
Voice Type: Light Lyric Soprano


  • Has shown some improvement in her stability.
  • Has managed to sustain a few notes, with only slight tension.
  • Has produced head voice.


  • Poor breathing co-ordination.
  • Mostly lacks decent support, leading to a shaky voice.
  • Serious intonation problems.
  • Very poor placement, leading to nasality.

Resonance: None
Consistency: Very inconsistent
Musicianship: Has shown no musicianship skills.

Overall Ranking: Below Average [?]
Final Comments: Sooyoung is the next best vocalist in Girls’ Generation after the vocal line and she has definitely shown some improvement since debut. The gap between Sooyoung’s and Yuri’s vocal prowess is quite small though, and Sooyoung really needs to work on her pitch if she wants to continue to improve. However, if she does continue to progress at the rate she’s going at, we could see her reaching Soyu’s level in the future.


3 thoughts on “[Vocal Analysis] Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

    • LOL true. There really isn’t much to say about Sooyoung though because she isn’t really a vocalist. But, this was one of the earlier requests so the analysis was written up anyway. 😛

  1. Sooyoung can be good vocalist if she work hard in her problem,honestly she have nice voice..,sooyoung voice type same with sunmi and soyu…so sooyoung can be soloist too,.

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