[Vocal Analysis] 2NE1’s Bom

Vocal Range: F3 – E♯5
Vocal Tessitura: Not yet determined
Voice Type: Light Lyric Soprano


  • Enough vocal tonality to be considered a vocalist.
  • Has attempted (albeit unsuccessfully) at musicianship skills.


  • Very poorly supported and co-ordinated singing.
  • Cannot connect any of her notes (sing in legato).
  • Very limited range; non-existent middle and upper register.
  • Bad vocal placement and extremely nasal.
  • Sings unsupported even within her range.
  • Strains her voice in almost every performance.
  • Attempts at musicianship skills were often poor.

Lower Register: Very underdeveloped and disconnected.
Middle Register: Completely non-existent.
Upper Extension: Completely non-existent.

Resonance: None
Consistency: Very inconsistent
Musicianship: Has made unsuccessful attempts at interpretation and dynamics.

Overall Ranking: Bad [?]
Final Comments: Technique-wise, Bom is only slightly better than Dara. It’s unfortunate really, because she did show some potential in her early years but seeing as she’s practically 30 now, it is next to impossible for her to get rid of all the poor singing habits she has formed over the years. I’m honestly concerned at the integrity of the vocal trainers they have in YG, because her voice has been getting worse, and will continue to do so (plus, this isn’t the only YG group with a weak main vocalist *cough*BIGBANG*cough*).


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